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Central Committee Team

As per dscussion with the members of Central Team Committee, further expansion of this committee can be done as per requirement.

Active participation of members will be the base for delegating them crucial task and a mutual consent of team members will be the decree to remove inactive members from the team.

-This committee is eligible to build state committee in the entire nation and to coordinate with them accordingly.

-Mutual consent of the Central Committee members is mandatory to build blueprint for the campaigns.

-It is the responsibilty of the memebers to procure funds for the effective and efficient running of the committee.

Our Team 
  • Sanjay Kumar Saini

  • Rajpal Fogawat

  • Adv. Puvali

  • Adv. Kundan Chandravanshi

  • Akshay Arya

  • Sunil Pandey

  • Kuldeep Sharma

  • Danish Saifi

  • Amit Sinha

  • Vikash Lamba

  • Dr. Mamta Goswami

  • Vikash Lamba

  • Dr. Mamta Goswami

  • Lucky Singh Rohit Kandari

  • Bhagwan Singh Chaudhary

  • Vidhya Devi

  • Junaid Kappani

  • Sumit Rapriya

  • Tayab Mahrab Khan

  • Tejpal Yadav

  • Raman Isran.

  • Ashish Rana

  • Aman Boora

  • Sudhir Sangwan

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